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African Americans’ Move to Nicaragua

Given persistent economic inequality and disproportionate mass incarceration, in the twenty-first century African Americans require territory for a national homeland.  Malcolm X is the most prominent of recent embodiments of this desire conceived of by Black Americans.  He is a tireless spokesperson and advocate for a national territory, as is […]

Descarado Brasil

Estimado Brasil: (Policía, Ejército, Falange)   Entre maneras menos flagrantes para matar a Marielle Franco existía la posibilidad del suicidio de sus antepasados Africanos.  Durante su esclavizada travesía marítima, ellos podrían lanzarse a las profundidades del Átlantico en forma de cadaveres de alga marina y la semilla de Marielle nunca […]

Blatant Brazil

“Blatant Brazil” Esteemed Brazil: (Police, Army, Militias) There were less blatant ways to kill Marielle Franco.   Foremost being before her African ancestors made their captured voyage to shore, they could have simply jumped ship into the depths of the Atlantic as seaweed carcasses, and her seed would have never […]

Black Women Won’t Save the World

“Black Women Won’t Save the World” For: Erica Garner   Despite pronouncements to the contrary, Black Women won’t save the world.  Notwithstanding the circumference of the Cradle of Civilization in South Africa nestled in a locale from which all human beings originate; regardless of the excavations in Ethiopia of both […]