Recent Publications

Photo: Laura Burke

Personal Essays and Creative Nonfiction

“Rain-Soaked Banana Plantations, Quetzal Birds, Garifuna Music (Isele Magazine, December 2022)

“Swimming Towards Africa” (A Long House, May 2022)

“Black Pride, 1968, and the Godfather of Soul” (Sapphire Hues, December 2021)

“Haiti and the US-Mexico Border” (Pure Slush, September 2021)

“Aunt Jemima, Headwraps, and Hair” (Another Chicago Magazine, June 2021)

“Dear Galactic Living (From the Dystopian Letters)” (LitroNY, July 2020)

“Dear Rap Music” (LitroNY, June 2020)

“Dear Northern Hemisphere” (LitroNY, May 2020)

“Dear Africa” (LitroNY, May 2020)

“Dear Corporate State” (LitroNY, April 2020)

Dear Pandemic” (LitroNY, April 2020)

Nina Simone Who Drinks Milk at the Liquor Bar is Still Singing in Liberia” (A Gathering Together, Fall 2019)

Jim Crow, White Fanaticism, American Fascism” (LitroNY, October 2019)

Damn Darnell” & “Migration” & “I Slip Away Sometime” (Linden Avenue Literary Journal, July 2018)

Love for Foreigners and Other Foolish Flights of Fancy” (A Gathering Together, Spring 2018)


“La Chanteuse de Jazz,” “La Pachanga,” & “Boca Oficial” (The Americas Review-Arte Publico Press, Volume 19, Nos. 3-4)

Book Reviews

A Memoir Traversing Time, Family Lore, and Space: Review of I Am Still With You by Emmanuel Iduma” (Brittle Paper, April 2023)